About the artist


David Chan is an emerging photographic artist who studied engineering at the University of NSW before embarking on a career in technology and photography. His work is derived from a perspective that truth exists in the fundamental expressions of the universe that have prevailed for eons.


nine dot one


This most recent body of work aims to reconnect ourselves to the natural world through window-sized Rorschach-like photographs.


It focuses on the geometry of nature and the perception that symmetry is beautiful and comforting. We emulate or mirror to connect and learn from each other. Whilst these patterns of symmetry are the building blocks of nature itself, they are largely unseen and foundational to our existence. The Rorschach approach invites the viewer to connect with a different perception of life, beyond what the eye can see.


The broader intention is to bring awareness that the planet is not a resource and that we are of the planet. All in the hope of stimulating its advocacy and our abundant well being. A Moleskine book captures the series and my practice behind their creation.


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